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Venture into the vault

Ultimate Auto Enthusiast Competition
Venture into the Vault - Vehicle Vault

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Does your ride have what it takes to make it into an automotive museum? Has it always been your dream to exhibit YOUR car at Vehicle Vault in Parker, Colorado? Venture Into The Vault is an online virtual competition for all car enthusiasts.
Can you race your way up the ladder?
For a spot in our special exhibit featuring cars from our car enthusiast community, entrants will register their ride and submit their entry. The public votes for the cars they want to see on display at Vehicle Vault.
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September 5-27
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November 8-29


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Venture into the Vault Entry at Vehicle Vault
Venture into the Vault Entry at Vehicle Vault
Venture into the Vault Entry at Vehicle Vault

Venture into the Vault Exhibit

Check out these rides in person from November 8th through the 29th.
1930 Model A
The 1930 Ford Model A two-door car, lovingly named Henry, has a rich history tied to the Great Depression era. It rolled off the assembly line after a six-month shutdown due to the economic challenges of the time, making it a unique and enduring symbol of that era. Despite some wear and tear over the years, Henry remains a handsome and cherished classic car.
1994 Toyota Supra
The 1994 A80 MKIV Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-Speed is an iconic Japanese import performance car from the 90s, famous for its import rivalry, tunability, and appearance in The Fast and The Furious. It’s highly sought after as a collectible, with good, unmolested, low mileage examples being rare and desirable. This particular Supra boasts a powerful 586 HP 2JZ-series 3.0 L inline-six engine with a 6-speed manual transmission and tasteful upgrades, making it a standout in the world of high-performance cars.
1970 Dodge Superbee
The 1970 Dodge Superbee is a sought-after rarity among 1970s Mopar muscle cars, known for its powerful performance. This particular model stands out in the desirable Sublime color, adding to its appeal among enthusiasts. With its unique blend of style and speed, the 1970 Dodge Superbee remains a classic symbol of American muscle.
1956 Chevrolet 210
Originally a drag car in the early 70s, this Chevy 210 underwent a remarkable transformation thanks to the owner’s son, who discovered it in a Nebraska Quonset hut decades later. The car was meticulously restored and modified by Lakeside Rods in Rockwell City, IA, as a tribute to the racer’s father, with receipts totaling over $175,000 in 2007, reflecting a $45/hr labor cost at that time. The Chevy 210 now boasts a powerful 383/500 HP Stroker engine, TH 350 transmission, air ride suspension, custom interior by Recovery Room, and impressive features like Fatman suspension, Wildwood disc brakes, and Budnik wheels.
1933 Ford 2-Door Model 40 Sedan
This 1933 Ford Model 40 sedan is a custom hot rod with a distinctive ’33 Ford style, featuring a 5-inch chop for a sleek appearance. It’s powered by a Chevy 350 engine and finished in a vibrant yellow color. The car retains its all-steel body with fiberglass fenders, blending classic design with modern performance.
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