September 15th – open 10am-4pm
September 21st – open 10am-2pm
September 30th – open 10am-2pm
October 7th – closed
October 14th – open from 10am-2pm
October 21st – open from 10am-1pm
October 28th – open from 10am-2pm

Special Events

A Place for Community
1953 Packard Caribbean - Special Events at Vehicle Vault

A place to gather and engage

Our special events provide a sense of community, not only, for automotive enthusiasts, but also, for the greater public. It is important for us to come together, find shared experiences, and nurture passions.

Fostering an appreciating for the art and culture of the automobile.
Ranging from monthly events like our Espresso and Exhaust to annual events like our photo contest, we cherish the opportunity to engage with both the passionate car community and those ready to enjoy the art and history of the automobile.
Photo Contest at Vehicle Vault
1960 Bentley S2 - Photo Contest at Vehicle Vault
1960 Cadillac Coupe De Ville - Photo Contest at Vehicle Vault

Guided Tours

We offer free guided museum tours with paid admission on Wednesdays at 11am and Thursdays at 2pm. Looking for cool stories and fun facts? These tours are for you.
2007 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition - Car Collection at Vehicle Vault
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