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Meagan Perks

Meagan Perks

Event Specialist
What is your dream car? Why?
An early ’70s De Tomaso Pantera
What is your favorite car in the Vehicle Vault car collection? Why?
It’s so hard to choose just one! I love the 2005 Ferrari SuperAmerica (between my dream car and this car I seem to have a thing for Italian automobiles). It’s sleek and powerful; it really roars, yet it’s so approachable. I swear it hugs you when you drive!
When not at work, what are you doing?
I’m very fortunate to have a large friends and family network locally. Spending time with them or at home with my husband and our dogs or taking in live music at any of Denver’s fantastic music venues feeds my soul!
When did you join the team and what drew you to work at Vehicle Vault?
I joined Vehicle Vault in January of 2020. With years of experience in the event industry and corporate culture, I was excited to come to a more intimate venue space that connects with its guests in such a special way.
What role do you serve at Vehicle Vault? What is your favorite part of the job?

I’m the Event Specialist, I help event clients bring their vision to life and ensure every detail is accounted for.

The favorite parts of my job are the reactions from guests and the expressions on their faces when they first enter our gallery and knowing that my work and our venue has made a difference and lasting impression for each guest. We are so honored to play a part in so many important moments and memories!

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