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Introducing Down the Road – Vehicle Vault’s Newsletter


Welcome to our NEWsletter, Down the Road! I’m so thrilled to share a new format with you, along with so many fun happenings around Vehicle Vault. As we gear up for our 10th Anniversary in October, we’re creating fresh content that we can’t wait to unveil, as well as getting back to the basics on what brought us all together. Please check out all of the excitement below, and please come visit us – we love being part of your community! We can’t wait to see you down the road!

Introducing Hutch & Clutch: Episode 1

Celebrating 10 Years with Erin Hutchison
Dive into the heart of Vehicle Vault's journey with Erin Hutchison, the visionary founder and CEO, in the premiere episode of Hutch & Clutch! Join us as Erin shares her reflections on a decade of memories, community support, and the profound impact of Vehicle Vault's mission. Discover the origin story behind "Hutch & Clutch" and the heartfelt connection to Erin's family history. Don't miss this captivating episode as we celebrate the past, embrace the present, and envision the future of Vehicle Vault!

The Event Corner

Summer is the Season for the Plaza
Outdoor Plaza Event Space at Vehicle Vault
Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to plan your event on the Plaza! Our two tiered outdoor space is the perfect spot to take in a spectacular Colorado sunset, while still providing your guests with the thrill of Vehicle Vault’s breathtaking automobile collection. Whether you’re looking for a venue for a one of a kind team building event, or a memorable graduation celebration, we have space to wow your group. The Plaza can accommodate food trucks and outdoor games, or our Gallery Floor is always an option to place your event among our rare and iconic pieces of automotive history. We can’t wait to help you make a spectacular impression and an unforgettable event experience!

Visit the Museum

Visit The Museum - Photo by Garrett Spradlin

We are a unique and beautiful building housing a fabulous collection of rare and exotic automobiles from all over the world.

Visitors will see, up close, key elements of our past, present, and future reminding us all that our automobiles are the fabric of our lives.

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