July 4th – open until 3pm
Not Your Average

Automotive Museum

Not Your Average

Automotive Museum

Vehicle Vault Automotive Museum
Iconic, Rare, & Exotic Cars

Automotive Gallery

These automobiles aren’t simply old and rare, but offer historical significance and cultural intrigue.
1963 Chevrolet Corvette at Vehicle Vault Car Museum in Colorado
Vehicle Vault Event Venue - Denver, Colorado
Elevating Your Events

Premier Event Venue

Vehicle Vault is an exceptional event venue for meetings and special events. Gather in style.
Putting Art in Automotive Museum

An Elevated Experience

Our goal is not simply to collect and show, but to help build a community of car lovers and to educate, inspire, and foster an appreciation for the art and culture of the automobile throughout time.
Driven By Passion

About Vehicle Vault

We are a woman-owned business with a passion to showcase the historical significance, pride, and artistry of the automotive industry. Cars are deeply tied to the fabric of our cultural memory.
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